The Writers were, are, and will be a tight group, a brotherhood, bent on making clean, hilarious comedies.

Origins Edit

The term "The Writers" came from a comedy made by Tajalkama in the BCC topic on the LMBs, "The Quest of the Writers!". The group in this comedy consisted of Keplers, iHuntress, and Tajalkama, alongside other extras. This group continually added on more and more as more people were constantly posting on the LMBs. Eventually, more people came and left the group as time passed. The Writers who saw the closing of the BCC were Keplers, LQ, Malurus, Macedonia (AKA Leoxandar), Mace, and Botven1. Jolego, also considered a Writer at the time, saw to the closing of the topic, but in no way is he considered a Writer as we look back, as he decided to try and stay away from affiliation with the group altogether after the closing. The only remaining Writers at this point who are still members of the BCC is LQ, Mace, Leo, and Malurus, and Starwars (honorary member, as he related to the group and wrote a few smashing comedy hits).

Comedies Edit

The Writers have composed many comedies, and have starred in quite a lot of them as well. Usually, the Writer who writes the comedies gives themselves and their favorite characters more prominent roles. The Writers usually are depicted as living in a mansion of sorts, or a tower. Either way, the Writers are rich in wealth. They are usually accompanied or opposed by Mini Lewa and The Nameless Text, though both hang around the Writers a lot, though their presence are far from appreciated. The Writers oftentimes get in weird and wacky adventures, and sometimes will find ways to save the world.

Trivia Edit

The Writers are sometimes called "authors".

The Writers sometimes refer to themselves as "The BCCrew". This is not to be confused with the BCC Crew, the group formed by Mini Lewa consisting of many of other beloved BCC characters, like Nameless and Larry the Laptop.