6:58 Vonness11` I'll build a snowman OUT OF STICKS :D

6:58 LQ1998 Or ride your bike around the halls? :P

Starwars7495 has left the chat. 6:58 LQ1998 We never see Keps here anymore AD went out the door It's like they've gone away

Starwars7495 has joined the randomness.

6:59 LQ1998 Did you miss anything in PM SW?

6:59 Bioniclefan1 AD will come

7:00 LQ1998 We all used to be best buddies But YJF is not

7:01 Vonness11` Whenever AD is on, he usually just spams something and leaves :p

7:01 LQ1998 I wish Typh would tell us why (she won't get a mic) Von is gonna build a snow man.

7:02 Vonness11` Out of stiiiiiicks :3

7:02 LQ1998 So it doesn't have to be a snow man

7:03 Starwars7495 Okay, byyyyyyyye (derp) :p

7:03 LQ1998 No the next part is Judge Nuju: Get off my lawn ya jerk! SW: Okay, byyyyyyyye (derp)