Hello, Kids, I am Vezon, and wecom to Vezon's Daily Words of Wisdom, or VDWOW for short. I will give words of wisdom every day! Disclaimer: Remember, Vezon is a Psychopath and some of these DWOW may no be ethical or nice, use your good judgment, not Vezon's bad judgment.

VDWOW for Wendsday, 3-11-2015: Remeber to super-kick your Turaga today, Kids! (as Pohatu did)

VDWOW for Thursday, 3-12-2015: Remember, always, ALWAYS check the expiration date on your milk, it is imperative to your survival!

VDWOW for Friday, 3-13-2015: derping and trolling are good ways to get promoted in your job.

VDWOW for Saturday, 3-14-2015: Never ask Mal for advise. :|