Hello, Mods

You people refuse to accept responsibility for your actions. In the BCC after you gave use the warnings we all got on topic. Well other than replying to you. You go in and accuse us of being off topic, then we reply to you, you accuse use of being off topic, then we reply again, you lock the topic. It is always the same. It is unacceptable. You say you do not like locking topics, well there would be no need to lock topics if you rejected the off topic posts. You need to start doing you job and accepting responsibility for your actions instead of blaming it on the users. - VF


As we have stated on the LMBs we are very sorry that the closure of the BCC has upset some community members. However, we have explained our position on this multiple times, addressed user complaints, and offered to approve a fresh start through a BCC2 topic.

The BCC was closed because it was off topic after multiple warnings and because users there were attempting to share content related to sites outside of Unfortunately these factors combined and meant that the topic had to be locked. We know that not every BCC user participated in this but a topic must be seen as the sum of all activity in it. For those users who had the best of intentions for the BCC and still have passion for it we are happy to approve a BCC2 where we will keep an extra close eye on moderation.

Again, we are very sorry that this has upset you and other BCC members. The Mods are also always unhappy to lock topics but sometimes it is necessary to do so.

Please see us in TTTM if you need anything else. - Unknown Mod, assumed WA