It was a eventful day for Fan1. Society had said he was too old for geeky things like LEGO and other stuff. Fan1 noticed that people were changing for no reason. 

Fan1: Hmm thats stupid! 

Then society said back 

No your stupid! 

Then Fan1 said No your the stupid ones! 

Then society and Fan1 got into a pointless arguement calling each other stupid. It is still going on to this day. They really just called each other stupid. Over and over until Fan1 decicded to outcast society from himself. He said Why should I change for other people why can't they change for me? This statement started another flame war between society and Fan1.  Fan1 kept saying random things that made no sense to society like how insanity is much more fun than sanity. And that is the origin of Bioniclefan1! 

Karkon: No I was asking how you became a skeleton! And why would you narrate a story about yourself in 3rd person?! That makes no sense! 

Fan1: Oh well thats a different story that will get a follow up probably. Guess the BCC Writers are going to have livee with this comedy for now