(the last few days in a nutshell)

LQ: *sees SW* SW SW SW!

SW: *leaves chat*

LQ: ....

SW: *joins chat*

LQ: New Bionicle info!!

SW: *leaves chat*

LQ: ....

(Later on the Hype train)

LQ: *Show's Unua'*

Keps: That ladies and gentlemen is a pakari! First good one since 2001!

Unua: *comes up behind Keps all buff* Are you saying I was ugly for 8 years?

Keps: .... Um...erm...

Random guy from the LMBW: Unua's using steroids (derp)

Unua: It's not steroids!! Why does everyone think I'm on steroids? _________________________

LEGO employee: Tahu, we need to speak with you.

Tahu: Yes? What is it?

LEGO Employee: You see, Greg has a request... We're going to need your mask.

Tahu: *gives mask* Not like this is going to tick off my fans or anything. Just have it back by dinner so I can stuff my face with cookies. _______________________________

Malurus: I wanna see the leaked pics! *net nanny grabs Mal and straps him in seat*

Chris: (insert grumpy cat meme)

LQ: (insert reboot)

Mal: *starts quoting songs*

Everyone: *breaks in to different songs*

Malurus: 0_o what have I done?

(the next morning)

LQ: What I nice morning...

Bird: *lands on LQ's shoulder* Tweet tweet tweet

LQ: What's that? Makuta is back? I've got to tell someone!

LQ: *sees SW* SW SW SW!

SW: *leaves chat*

LQ: ....

SW: *joins chat*

LQ: New Bionicle info!!

SW: *leaves chat*

LQ: ....

  • some people who will stay active finally join*

LQ: *ahem* Hey all you people! Hey all you people! Hey all you people won't you listed to meeeee! I just heard an announcement, no ordinary announcement. An announcement 'bout Bio 2015!!!

  • Story is revealed*

Hype Train: *goes faster*

  • Ekimu revealed*

Hype Train: *goes faster*

  • mask only have elemental powers*

Hype Train: *goes...slower*

  • Gear functions are 100% officially confirmed*

Hype Train: *goes faster*

  • new heads*

Hype Train: *goes faster*

  • books*

Hype Train: *goes faster*

  • A lot of Bionicle terms haven't been "dropped" but aren't references as much (Kanohi, Toa, etc.)*

Hype Train: *doubles speed*

  • physical set pictures*

Hype Train: *breaks sound barrier*



VF: This is terrible! *nearly gets run over by hype train* Nevermind! *gets on train*

LQ: Those who stand in the way of the hype train get run over.

VF: Hey guys check this out! Cho cho #%^$#&%^#$&^%$&^$!

Keps: *kicks VF off train* Hilarious, but illegal.

VF: *runs up and gets back on* Oh yeah everyone wants to kick VF off the train.

Biofan01: I want to kick VF off!

Keps: *gives Biofan the kicking boot*

LQ: *works on a random project* Hey look it's Chris.... Oh no it's Chris.


Keps: Chris get out of the way!

Chris: (grumpy cat meme)

LQ: Well, can't say we didn't warn him...

Chris: *gets hit by Hype Train*


Mal: *comes out of bathroom after all day* What's going on?



Unless you're Chris...