The Butler was a villain bent on destroying the Writers for not appreciating all the cleaning he had done.


Yeah, don't ask how that works.

Origins Edit

The Butler had a simple yet elegant occupation of maintaining the BCC's comedies, polishing them, freeing up the dust, and so forth. However, no one ever made note of this, and soon the Butler became embittered. He then decided that the Writers would pay for their ignorance by draining them of their comedy. This plot was foiled by the so-called "BCC Crew". However, something in the Butler's attempt to drain the Writer's comedy backfired, as afterwards the result of him trying to drain the comedy made Mini clones of all the Writers.

The Butler then became a minor BCC villain, appearing in a few more comedies.

The Butler soon made one more star appearance as the main villain, though still minor. In the future, after the Writers had settled down and had children, the Butler sought his revenge for only being a minor character. He hunted each one down, destroying the Writers. All these deaths were discovered but one, and that was the death of Chris. He then took Chris' form as a guise, and since Chris was a beloved president, he soon then took power over the whole BCCverse, and started rigging votes so as to appear as a president rather than a tyrant. However, a band of the Writer's children revealed him to be the phony, where he took the form of a shadowy figure. Lurus, Malurus' son, shot him. He then melted into a puddle and reformed into his Butler form, and informed Lurus of what he had done to the previous Writers. Lurus then shot the Butler again, who started to explode. This engulfed Lurus' ship as he got away, and would have been the end had it not been for The Hat and Mal's ghost.

Appearances Edit

The Misadventures of the BCC crew

Random Comedy