The Bionicles: War on drugs! is a comedy created by alienduck on the wiki. It is a parody of the PSA's that just get everything right about a topic. 

The BIONICLES: War on drugs!Edit

Today, the Bionicles are cleaning up the city and doing their duty to the public.

Tahu: Another day cleaning up around the city of Mata Nui! 

Pohatu: I no like cleaning. It hard work.

Kopaka: Now now, brother, we don't need to be complaining about that! Let this be a joyous party in our cleaning adventures!

Suddenly, a child walked up to the Bionicles, and asked for help. But what the child asked for was not help.

Child: Hey, do you have any drugs I could use?

Kopaka is visibly taken aback.

Kopaka: Drugs! Why?

Child: I need drugs, or I will get sick!

Tahu: Flaming fireballs, he's addicted!

Child: Help me!

Pohatu: Who it? Who give you drugs!

Tahu: Calm down, my fellow Bionicle! We will figure this one out!

Meanwhile, beneath the city...

The Evil Makuta: My plan is complete! I will corrupt children with the evils of drugs! I have succesfully planted the evil traitor Metus within their ranks! He will force the children to be corrupted by my evil poison!

Metus: I will give them the drugs, m'lord.

As the Evil Makuta plans his schemes, the Toa try to find the root of this problem...

Tahu: Flamin' fireballs! I've found the traitor!

Kopaka: Why are you stopping the fun of children with your evil?

Pohatu: What with that!

Metus: I will continue giving the children their drugs until you beat me! Prepare to face the power of THE MIGHTY METUS! 

Metus began glowing, and transformed into a giant monster made of deathly clouds of drugs!

Tahu: Flamin' fireballs! Metus is turning into a Deadly Drug Destroyer!

Pohatu: Me want him hurt!

Kopaka: We got to find some way to defeat him!

Tahu: I know just the thing! But we need to work together!

The Bionicles then split up and find parts for a vacuum cleaner...

Tahu: Prepare to face an end, villain!

Suddenly, the vacuum cleaner activates, sucking in the Deadly Drug Destroyer! 

Tahu: Now, children, remember that winners don't use drugs!

Pohatu: Drugs are not good!

Kopaka: You can't have a party with drugs ruining everything!

Tahu: Call this hotline for when you have drug issues today!

Hotline for anti-drug associasion is listed. 

Tahu: Unity!

Pohatu: Responsibility!

Kopaka: Justice!