The BCCorporation was the workplace the Writers founded. It has maximum profit, and consists of the Writers and their friends, such as The Nameless Text or Mini Lewa.

History Edit

The BCCorporation originated because of the Writers. The Writers had gone to many adventures, saving the world, and gaining small fortunes over the course of doing such. After these adventures, media would swamp them, asking "What happened?" Eventually, the Writers wrote scripts and books of what happened on those adventures, and gained huge success and cashed in on them. This in turn had the scripts become movies, with the movie stars being none other than the Writers themselves. After becoming financially successful, the Writers then founded the BCCorporation. With the enormous amounts of money at their disposal, the BCCorporation founded it's base of operations, the BCC Tower. After which, they started taking over other corporations, trades and even cities.

Purpose Edit

As a business, the key function of BCCorporation was to fund and reap profit from adventures. Of course, most of these trips would be free for them, as the key Writers and BCC Crew went adventuring. Most profits were spent on funding other things, such as their newest movie to recapture their newest adventure. Along with that, they also have extreme control on trade. They have a fleet, and the ability to travel across the various dimensions of the BCCverse. The powerhouse also have brutal military-like security, and have been able to start conquering towns and cities for their own gain. This might be a play for power, or maybe the BCCorporation is trying to become an empire rather than just a powerful world commerce enterprise.

Organization Edit

There are two main leadership categories: One for the Writers, and one for the BCC Crew. The BCC Crew are less powerful than the Writers, but still hold significant power in the affairs of the BCCorporation.


  • LQ: Leader, original adventurer.
  • Mal: Leader, original adventurer, main script writer, detective, attorney.
  • Ford: Doctor, fahst.
  • Klenda: Works at office.
  • Leo: Witch doctor, original adventurer.

BCC Crew:

  • Nameless: Leader, original adventurer.
  • Mini Lewa: Leader, original adventurer.
  • Vezon: Lawyer, owner of Vezon Wireless, a sub-branch of BCCorp, original adventurer.
  • Nuju: Judge, original adventurer.
  • Max: It was his birthday, so they let him have a position, original adventurer.