The BCC Conspiracy Show is a series released on the BCC Youtube channel. It is filmed by Chrismajor2124, and voiced by Chrismajor212, along with occasional guests.

Characters Edit

The main characters of The BCC Conspiracy Show are Kadihi the Konspiracy Theorist, and Toa Chris, both voiced by Chrismajor2124. Kadihi is a Matoran that questions everything he sees, and calls anybody who disagrees with him a conspiracy theorist. Toa Chris, on the other hand, is the more reasonable character in the pair. He tries to show Kadihi the error of his ways, usually with no progress made.

Episodes Edit

As of the time of this article's creation, there have been 4 episodes of The BCC Conspiracy Show.

  1. The BCC Conspiracy Show: The BIONICLE Soundtrack is Makuta's Plot
  2. The BCC Conspiracy Show: Thanksgiving Is Also Makuta's Plot!
  3. The BCC Conspiracy Show: Santa is an Order of Mata Nui Agent! (Featuring the 2015 Protectors!)
  4. The BCC Conspiracy Show: Love Does Not Actually Exist!!!!!!