The Answer
Some attributes
First Can break the fourth wall
Second Has a regenerative power that makes Deadpool jealous.
Third Often teams-up with Makuta Vick
Other attributes


The Answer first appeared on the BCC in Macedonia's five-part comedy series Dare to be Stupid, where he saved the writers from malevolent, sentient, mashed potatoes. Since then he appeared off and on in various comedies, teaming-up with Makuta Vick on several occasions to save the group from the Nameless Text (need link here). He was featured in Macedonia's comedy Italian Cafe in which he owned "Papa Answer's Ristorante Italiano Fantastico!" The food was horrid and the music was worse. He also fought Makuta Vick in a battle of anime-stereotypes where he ultimately lost. He was also directing Doctor Who in Keplers becomes the Doctor, but the BCC was locked before the series reached completion.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Answer can do many things like run faster than a speeding pizza.


  • The Answer is a Dark Hunter
  • He will be appearing in Leoxandar's stop-motion, Game of Shadows