Kopaka Hates X

So here's my latest humorous diabolical scheme (cue evil laughter) - a custom meme idea.

It's super simple - so simple, in fact, that I just call it "Kopaka Hates X". It's available on Imgflip for making into memes. You'll recognize the picture from BIONICLE Comic 1: The Coming of the Toa. It's the part where Kopaka is walking with Matoro and he says "Place of Far-Seeing? Your Turaga speaks in riddles. I hate riddles."

I've made a few myself and they turned out fairly well. The concept works well - just fill the top voice bubble with any random thing and then Kopaka comments on how he hates it (and now the gears start turning ...)

"Kopaka Hates X" MemesEdit

Kopaka Hates HF

Kopaka Hates Justin Beiber

Kopaka Hates Hashtags
Kopaka Hates Grammar Nazees

As you can see, the possibilities are nearly endless ...

Kopaka 2

Kopaka Hates Bacon
Kopaka Hates Twilight
Grumpy Kopaka Hates X
Kopaka Hates Doge