Teridax: *hands the Rahkshi some cleaning supplies*All right sons tonight I'm having a Makuta meeting! So I want this lair to look good and scary!

Panrahk(brown Rahkshi): You want to look good and scary? Well I think we can probably...

Turahk(red Rahkshi): No I think dad means he wants to look so good that it's scary!

Lerahk(green Rahkshi): Or by making it look so scary that you forget that it doesn't look good!

Vorahk(black Rahkshi): I don't get it?

Kurahk(white Rahkshi): Look it simply means....

Teridax: Never mind what it means!? I just want to look scary! That's it! You know like skulls on the wall and so forth?

Kurahk: So you don't want to look good?

Teridax: *face palm*Why do I even bother?

Gurahk(blue Rahkshi): Hey dad can I borrow 20 widgets?

Teridax: 20 widgets?! Son back in my day...

Gurahk: Ok I'll pay you 5 if you don't tell the story!

Teridax: Ok! *Gets 5 widgets*

Gurahk: Phew!

Teridax: As I was saying 20 widgets was a lot of money. And my dad sued me of 100 widgets every time I said widgets! So I went on my way stealing candy from matoran, shooting toa with my 22 Caliber Shadow Hand. I found a box full of widgets! I found 3 of them in it! I saved the widgets and... NO I'M NOT GIVING YOU THE 20 STINKING WIDGETS!

Panrahk: Someone pull out my Kraata. I hate this story.

Teridax: Okay! *Pulls out Kraata*

Panrahk: *Dies*

Teridax: NOOO!!! SON!!!

*At the funeral*

Pastor: The beloved Panrahk is dead. You may kiss the bride!

Teridax: (Whispers: Remind me never to hire this idiot again!)

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Written by TOADRAGON610 and BTL1234

Written on 2-21-11 and 2-22-11