Okotobeerfest is the time of year where every Matoran, Agori, Okotans and everyone in between celebrate with their favorite alcoholic drinks, and their favorite beers.

History Edit

Okotobeerfest was made to honor memorable weddings, like Hewkii and Macku or Jaller and Hahli, where the celebrations lasted for a while. However, after the great festival evolved from there and was celebrated annually. The Okotans were especially fond of this celebration, in fact, it further evolved when the inhabitants of the MU told them of the celebration. This was then to celebrate the jungle element, as they could grow so much wheat and grapes that they could drink almost nonstop.

Drinks Edit

While any alcoholic beverage is suitable for this time, beer is the most appropriate. Here are our suggestions for the best brews for this time.

Vezon's Cask: So strong you'll go crazy! Developed by the parttime bar owner Vezon, this brew is excellent for a fun night out.

The Fancy Label: A beer that is relatively cheap, but looks like it is of fine quality. Do not buy for yourself, always buy for your gullible friends.

Mal Adam's Boston Lager: Made after the legendary Mal Adams of the BCC Reeloution, this lager is of fine craft and is instantly a classic.

Lewa's Irish Ale: Lewa's Pub is a great place to visit, and if you hap on by, make sure to get his ale. It's the best in the business!

Appearances Edit

The Bar

Trivia Edit

The Bar was the Okotobeerfest special. The banner can be obviously seen in the background.

The Bar is the inspiration to "The Fancy Label". However, the script never says that the beer is a specific brand, just that it is a "bottle with a fancy label".