Nameless Text, AKA Nameless, is an un-explainable nameless text that appeared in many comedies. He is known by many to be a core character of the BCC. He has been the villain as well as helped the Writers depending on the comedy. No one really trusts him and they'd rather not have him around because of his annoying and rude nature.

The Nameless Text is invisible, which is a useful skill for robberies, jailbreaks, and so forth. In one comedy, Nameless was cuffed by his letters that appear, however, due to the fact that in most comedies he is invisible, and iHuntress created the character as invisible, he remains canonically invisible.

Nameless is immortal, as he has supposedly died many times, but keeps on coming back. However, he is lactose intolerant. Nameless also has an insatiable appetite for finer things, and is very wealthy due to his occupation as a thief.

Mini Lewa and Nameless are known as best friends, and they often deal their mischievous plans to take over the world together. However, both are known to help the Writers sometimes, like in The Misadventures of the BCC Crew.


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The Misadventures of the BCC Crew

Mini Lewa Returns! (Mention only.)

BCC Court Room Show #1: The Phantom Verdict

BCC Science Minute Episode 4


He was created by iHuntress.

The Nameless Text also has an account on this wiki, strangely enough.

Trivia Edit

Nameless is the oldest original character still used by the BCC, and the first villain.

iHuntress once stated that "My heart belongs to Nameless" when one of her fans and admirers, botven1 (Bionicle_Fanatic) asked for her affections, specifically in marriage.

The Nameless Text is Malurus2000's favorite character.