Mod Takeover is a comedy written by Alienduck. It entails a fictitious scenario in which the Lego Message Boards Mods take over the rest of the LEGO group.

Mod TakeoverEdit

Greg Farshtey: *Sits in room*

WhiteAlligator: *Holds him at gunpoint* Keep on teasing BIONICLE 2015! Make them suffer!


Keiglihan: I'm sorry, Mr. CEO, but we have implimented COMPLETE CONTROL over your company! 

CEO: o_O

Keiglihan: We will now be involved in all buisness descisions.


Newsman: After the spread of the meme "Stepped on a LEGO brick," LEGO has decided to make bricks made out of rubber to promote a "safter, friendlier play enviroment." In addition, LEGO is inviting fans to post their own LEGO themes and make them real. There is careful filtration to avoid innapropriate content.

Fan: How about a LEGO Nativity scene!

Mods: Sorry, that would be offensive to muslims.

Edward Nigma's Trollsona: How about LEGO Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life?

Mods: Perfectly appropriate! :smileyface_emote:


Everyone: *facepalm*