Mini Lewa Returns!

Mini Lewa Returns!

Mini Lewa Returns! was among the first videos produced by the BCC. It involves Vezon conversing with Mini-Lewa about the latter's return from his apparent death.


Vezon inspects a Swamp Stalker, musing over suing the owner for various reasons. Mini-Lewa then climbs to Vezon, to his surprise. The puppet explains how, after getting into a huge fight with the Writers, fell in a volcano, but survived. Vezon asks what it was like when Mini-Lewa fell, but then falls into a tangent referencing his adventures with the Zyglak and Miserix.

Vezon then notices that Mini-Lewa looks "different," to which the reply is, "Never mind that, look at these cool new powers I got!" Music begins playing and Mini-Lewa dances to it.

Before leaving, Mini-Lewa gives Vezon a gift: an Olmak. Vezon quickly realizes that the only Olmak other than his belongs to Brutaka, who attacks him. Brief credits roll, then cut back to Vezon trying to explain his way out of being beat up by Brutaka. Vezon then remembers that he has the other Olmak, and disappears.

The last scene is a brief moment of Mini-Lewa hijacking a Rockoh T3, proclaiming, "Get ready, world! Mini-Lewa is back!"

Trivia Edit

This comedy video is in reference to LQ's last comedy on the LMB BCC topic, the chapter being "Adventure of the other writers: The end (Parts one and two)". However, Malurus later pointed out after seeing the video that in the end of the chapter, Mini Lewa was pushed into a wormhole, not into a volcano. However, both are still canon, as LQ explained that the wormhole led to a volcano.