These are the regulations for editing on the BCC.

Article CreationEdit

Articles shall be created in the following order. Only until each article category is completed shall we move on to the other article category, unless such class is so large (denoted by a "*") that concurrent editing may take place:

  • Comedies*, which shall be posted in their entirety, regardless of the length, in one article.
  • Characters*, only the most major of which shall have articles made for them. A condensed history of each characters should be included in an article.
  • Writers, whose articles shall be entirely from a real-world point of view.
  • A single continuity article*, in which the canon of the BCC shall be explained.


Articles shall be edited in the following manner:

  1. Articles in general
    1. All articles shall have an introductory sentence or short paragraph, then a main body, then an ==Other== section, then a ==Trivia== section.
    2. All articles are to have proper categorization and grammar.
    3. Redlinks are to be fixed ASAP.
  2. Comedies
    1. Comedies are to be original and unedited. Grammar and spelling shall remain unchanged except by the author's request.
    2. A == shall be applied to the title of each individual part, such as ==Quest of the Writers, Part 27==. This allows for easier editing.
    3. An ==Inside Jokes== section is to be added to the bottom of each page, below Trivia, to specify each of the inside jokes used.
  3. Characters
    1. Character articles are to be in an entirely in-universe point of view. Any out-of-universe section, such as the character's creator, should be in the ==Other== section.
    2. Character articles are to have an ==Appearances== section just above the ==Other== section, listing all the comedies in which they are featured.
    3. Character articles for Writers should have a link in the ==Other== section to their Writer article.
  4. Writers
    1. The Writers' articles should be entirely from the real-world point of view, covering their first entry into the BCC through the locking of the topic.
    2. The Writers' articles should have a ==Comedies== section just above the ==Other== section, listing all of their comedies in chronological order, not alphabetical.
    3. The Writers' articles should have a link to their corresponding character article in the ==Other== section.