Evil Gold (commonly known as E-Gold) is a recurring villain in Goldeaglefire's comedies, although making cameos in other comedies.


E-Gold will constantly change appearance to match what Gold is wearing, which, fortunately, doesn't happen often.

His current appearance is that of a black LEGO skeleton wearing a white general's coat with several tears, along with a black, silk shirt with a green tie underneath. He wears white pants, and he also has six silver buttons on his coat, along with a silver star.


Kamen Rider Bion-O

E-Gold first appeared in episode 5 of Kamen Rider Bion-O, starring as the main villain, another Kamen Rider known as Kamen Rider Teridax. His plan was to use Gold to summon the TeridaxLiner, a time-travelling train told to have the power to destroy the universe. However, his plan failed when Tarix possesed Gold, turning into Bion-O Water form and quickly disposing of his grunts.

He re-appeared at the finale, requiring the help of Nega-Tahu and the Rashiki Biongin to assist him in his revenge, this time appearing as Kamen Rider Icarax. He later asorbed his cohorts into his body when Kamen Rider Bion-O and Kamen Rider Kano defeated them; turning E-Gold into a giant monster fusion between a minifig and Bionigin. He was defeated by a giant mecha made out of the Bioniliner moments later, dissolving into the sands of time.

E-Gold's second attempt

E-Gold later appeared in "E-Gold turns Gold into a pony", when Gold decides a new comedy is in order. When Gold touches the first key, E-Gold fires a load of poision joke at him, banishes him into the comedy that Gold created himself, and then takes control. At first it is not known how he came back, although later we get an implication that Gold brought him back for reasons unknown. He then tries to stop Gold and the Rahaga, who, for whatever reason, were found by Gold, with several methods, including ripoffs of the traps in the first/second episode of MLP:FiM, and firing MORE poison joke at him, resulting in Gold turning into a mare and the Rahaga turning into recolors of the Mane 6. The comedy was not finished, but it is implied in future comedies that Gold eventually defeated him.


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