Baka: Hello! As you know my name's Baka and I'll be your tourguide today!

A group of eager new users are here including Bonwr, Custom, Chris, and Vonness! They're in a realistic simulation of a typical Bioniclefan1 comedy!

Chris:*Raises hand* Excuse me! Excuse me! My hand is raised!

Baka: *Points to Chris* Yes you the one who thinks he drives a ferrari.

Chris: *Offended* What I do drive a ferrari!

Baka: And I'm a Ta-Matoran who becomes a Toa of Light.

Chris: Anyways why is this accurate simulation made in cardboard?

Baka: >_< budget cuts kid.

Chris: I'm pretty sure I'm older than you.

Baka: >_<

Baka directs the newbies over to a special spot. It is a caution sign.

Baka: Now new guys this is a very important spot.

Von: A caution sign?

Baka: Hey! You may only speak if you raise your hand!

Von: *Raises hand*

Baka: Yes you with the emote that nobody can see.

Von: >_<. A caution sign?

Baka: Not just any caution sign! Its a uh uh. *Checks map* Oh wait its actually nothing at all.

Bon: *Snaps a picture*

Baka: Please no flashphotography.

Bon: *Takes a picture of Baka*

Onua: Ahhhh my eyes!

Baka: *Snatches camera away* And thats why we don't allow flash photography.

Baka turns around and leads everyone to another location.

Bon: *Takes out another camera from his pocket*

Baka leads them to some restrooms.

Baka: And these are the restrooms.

Custom walks up to the restrooms.

Baka: Hey! Whatta doing!

Custom: Using the bathroom?

Baka: These bathrooms are just for show!

Von:* Raises hand*

Baka: Yes Von

Von: Why are the restrooms only for show?

Baka: Reasons.

Von: But-

Baka: You've exceeded your question limit!

Von: What?

Baka: Be quiet!

Bon: *Takes a picture*

Whenua: AHHHH my eyes!

Baka: What did I say about flash photography!

Bon: This doesn't use Flash.

Baka: *Snatches camera* Y'know what I think of this camera?

Bon: That it supports Flash?

Baka: *Breaks camera with knees* Thats what I think of your camera!

Bon: :(

Baka: Now come everyone.

Bon: *Takes out another camera*

Baka: And this is the Kidnapping Selector!

Chris: Kidnapping Selector?

Baka: Its a machine we just built to determine who Biofan will kidnapp this week!

Chris: Whos it gonna pick!

Baka: Lets see shall we! *Machine begins randomizing* Looks like its SW this time! 3 cheers for him!

Chris: Hooray!

Custom: Hooray!

Von: hooray.

Bon: *Takes picture* 


Baka: Really? Again? *Snatches camera and breaks it*

Bon: *Takes out another camera*

Custom: *Raises hand*

Baka: Yes , you the one who is related to B_F.

Custom: Wheres the gift shop?

Baka: We're done with the tour so just follow me there.

They go to the gift shop.

Baka: Well thats the end of the tour.

Von: That was a boring tour.

Baka: Vahki...

Vahki escort Vonness out of the building.

Von: >_<

Bon: *Snaps picture*


Baka: >_< What did I say about cameras! *chases after Bon*

In the gift shop

Chris: So what are you getting?

Custom: Everything's a bit pricey here.

Chris: It is?

Custom: This coupon costs 10 dollars to use.....for starters >_<

Chris: I guess Biofan prefers quality over rushed work.

Custom: *Shows Chris official Biofan ductape*

Chris: Nope, he's just greedy.

Custom: *Grabs a snowglobe*

Chris: Whos in the snow globe?

Custom: Somebody named Rakoro, its the cheapest thing in the store and it talks.

Rakoro Snow Globe: GO AND PAY FOR ME YA FOOL!

Custom: Wha? Who said that?

Custom goes to pay and sees Soundwave.

Soundwave: Hello welcome to Biofan's giftshop. Rival giftshop inferior, this giftshop superior.

Von: Soundwave!

Sandtrooper: Look sir Droids!

Custom: *Pays for snowglobe.*

Rakoro Snow Globe: SHAKE ME SO IT CAN SNOW!

Custom: Can I have a refund?

Soundwave: Refunds inferior. No refunds superior.

Von: That means no.

They all walk and leave the store. In the background Baka's still chasing Bon(who is snapping lots of pictures) Thats All Folks!