(note: a ban cannot stay in place or be removed unless abiding by this policy.*)

Whenever a user is banned from chat the following must take place:

First, a chat log and List of witnesses must be taken. These, along with a written report must be presented to the admin team. Until it has been reviewed by majority, the ban may not be undone.
After review, the Admin team will confirm if the ban was issued properly. At this time decisions will be made if the ban time needs to be increased, decreased, or revoked.** The decision must be made by 3 or more Admins, with minority opposition, if any.
The ban will now be solid and not subject to change at this point, unless a 90% majority rule of all staff overrules it.

  • Common sense policy: Some people we know are just trolls, we have enough sense to know when someone comes on this wiki just to troll us. In that case no log is necessary. Simply passing the news along will work. (This does not apply to active members of the wiki.)

    • If said banned user uses a dupe account to rejoin chat, they are not subject receive this benefit. Ban will not be undone.