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What is the BCC?

Does anyone still use this wiki? I feel like this hasn't been updated, touched, or even looked at for years. Anyways, subscribe to Pongowl!

We're a Bionicle/LEGO youtube channel who originated with comedy and has branched out in to other areas of our interest.

In the beginning we were just a group of writers making comedy stories on a message boards, now we've reached over 600 subscribers and are continuing to grow and make new (and higher quality) content.

Nowadays we no longer talk about Bionicles, but we do still make Lego-related content on our podcast!

We're best known for Orion's "Cooking Hero Factory" Series, which is easily the best thing to happen to the internet, but we also have a podcast.

We don't actually call ourselves "Bionicle Comedy Central" anymore, but simply "The BCC crew", which could possibly mean "Brick Commentary and Content" but no one knows for sure.

Editing PolicyEdit

PLEASE READ THE EDITING REGULATIONS! Make sure that you are not putting in useless information and that you're not editing pages that someone asked you not to. If at any time you ever need help with anything, open up chat and ask around! You'll get an answer.


CHATFeel free to join us in our chattiness, but keep in mind that spam, trolling, and inappropriateness will not be tolerated. We have an able-bodied moderation staff that will remove troublesome users, so please be nice and don't troll!

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That being said, welcome to the Bionicle Comedy Central Wiki!