The BCC Tower was a building used as base for the Writer's company, the BCCorporation.

History Edit

After founding the BCCorporation, the Writers knew they needed a place to base their company. They decided to build the BCC Tower, since they needed to travel across dimensions, yet still have a recognizable, marketable place of commerce and refuge. A symbol, the BCC tower is a gigantic monument to the Writer's achievements, stable, yet portable.

Function Edit

The BCC Tower is a building to conduct business. However, with multiple dimensions, it is a hard thing to do for most. However, the BCC utilized their readily-available knowledge on inter-dimensional travel to travel to all the places they need to go to conduct their business. This way, they can keep the same iconic statute of their business empire and yet still be based in multiple locations and multiple dimensions.

Appearances Edit

The BCC Zombie RP (First appearance.)

BCC Minecraft Server

Trivia Edit

The BCC Tower was a long-running idea, back when Botven1 was still a member. He has rendered a couple of ideal BCC Towers. Before this, the BCC had been in a mansion. The tower was never put into action though, only staying as an idea for a very long time. LQ had also thought of making a tower in Minecraft before ultimately dropping the idea. The tower's first appearance was in the BCC Zombie RP, where the BCC is unmistakably operating in a multi-dimensional traveling tower. This is hinted to by the fact that Mal has no idea what dimension or city the Writers are in. Since then, the tower has fell to obscurity, until the BCC finally deemed a tower in Minecraft the BCC Tower, and started customizing offices, posters and other things expected to be in the BCC workplace.