AD: I was living the life, yes I was having so much fun,

I was winning arguements I didn't even know I won,

And just in case you live under a car,

All of that went straight to Karz,

When I was kidnapped by some affgan guy,

Who made me build a missle...or I would die.

I got a magnet in my cheeeest,

Thank to this guy wearing a veeeeest, *Points to Gold.*

And now, I am able, to give them all the boot,

With the fire I can shoot, from this really awesome suit,

THAT CAN ALSO FLY! (for like 8 seconds...)

But after some improvements using robotic tools,

I was able to make this suit way more cool!

Then I get rebellious,

And this guy gets straight-up jealous, *Close up of Ackar_Glatorian.*

And he stole my heart in a completely non-gay way... *A_G removes magnet from AD.*

In a completely non-gay way...

And so, I killed him. 


The Incredible LM


YJF: I've been living in a third world country,

Which is kind of ironic, since I'm trying not to get angry... *Show half of YJF, and half of LM.*

I've been working in a bottle factory,

Then I got discovered, and tracked down by the military!

And then, in New York, I found my girlfriend, 

LM: *Punches helicopter.* I destroyed a helicopter, *Reverts to YJF.*

YJF: And then, 

This guy got jealous of me, deja vu, *Shows Mini-Lewa, and then the grave of A_G.*

And then he became a muscley freak toooooooooooo~ 

LM: Kind of wish that I had killed him...


AlienDuck 2


AD: The Duck is back! 

And now that everyone knows,

That I'm a superhero, and VFTech blows,

My life is great! Nothing can go wrong-oh, wait, *Car AD is driving in is blown up by Genesect.*

Some Pokemon guy wants me to die, and so I killed him...OK, I lied. 

The Pokemon went on to work for VFTech, *Shows Genesect being brought to VF.*

I found a crossword puzzle on my neck,

And so I threw a party, and I really partyed hardy,

Until Mace came in, kicked my butt, and stole my suit,

And now the

Pokemon guy has drones, *Shows Genesect with Genesect drones.*

And I'm pretty much all alone,

Since Typhoid abanded me, Mace is the Random Machine, 

My chest is killing me, *Shows magnet in AD's chest.*

So I inveeeeeeent...A new element!

Shaped like a triangle!

And then I killed the Pokemon guy! *Shows AD capturing Genesect.*


To be added