The BCC Crew is a group of BCC characters who formed to save the Writers.

Origins Edit

The BCC Crew was formed by Mini Lewa to help ensure the safety of the Writers, whom were in mortal danger by a mysterious villain. However, this group was easily sidetracked, and often continued going to other worlds in the BCCverse. They participated in many adventures together before finally saving the Writers from the villain known as The Butler.

Organization Edit

The group was notably organized with three characters making up the core of it, Mini Lewa, The Nameless Text, and Larry the Laptop being those three. The rest of the characters are more minor, and are sometimes utterly disregarded.

Members Edit

Mini Lewa (Founder, part of the core three.)

The Nameless Text (Part of the core three.)

Larry the Laptop (Part of the core three.)





Appearances Edit

The Misadventures of the BCC crew