The BCC2 is a topic created by A_RNN. It was a sequel to the Bionicle Comedy Central topic made by iHuntress.


After WhiteAlligator unfairly closed the Bionicle Comedy Central, multiple users had tried to make BCC2 topics. The only know users who tried are A_RNN, Youngjusticeforever, Goldeaglefire, and VORTIXXFAN. A_RNN's attempt was the only successful one.


There were only three comedies posted before it was locked. Due to all of the original Bionicle Comedy Central writers saying that they would not post in it, the topic was locked.


  • There were only 11 posts made.
  • The third comedy posted was deleted by the Moderators.
  • There now happens to be another BCC 2 created by junior743! PANIC!/|(0o0)|\