Shadock: We must destroy him!

Shadow Skrall: Yessssss

Takadax: But how?

They look to Fan1. He is playing Star Wars Battlefront

Shadock: There! Thats his favorite game! If we can beat him in that....

Takadax: Then he will be shamed and will obey us!

Shadow Skrall: No brainer

Shadock: We need more help though...

Alpha Team comes up

Stormer: We hate that Biofan! He makes fun of Hero Factory!

Shadock: Then its settled! We shall stop Biofan together!

They challenge Fan1 to a game.

Fan1 becomes a Clone Trooper while the other characters play as Villians from the game

Loading Map Tantive IV 

Fan1 is a Heavy Trooper.

Shadow Skrall becomes General Grevious. SS walks across a hallway and Fan1 is on the other side.

Fan1: Over here you unpaid lackey!

SS sprints to Fan1. Fan1 places a mine and rolls out of the way


Shadow Skrall was blown up by Bioniclefan1

SS: Curses!

Loading Map Mustafar:

Fan1 is now a clone engineer. He's running from Nex and Evo. Nex and Evo are Drodiekas.

Fan1 turns and runs across the lava bridge and stops.

Fan1: I surrender

They walk on the bridge with him.

Nex: Sir! We have captured Biofan! What do we do now?

Stormer: Obviously you shoot him!

Evo: But sir! We're Hero Factories were too childish for lethal guns!

Fan1 runs across the bridge!

Nex: Ahh! He's escaping! Fire!

Fan1 reaches lava bridge control room. Destroys terminal

Evo: Teh bridge is falling! : Panics : WHY IS THE BRIDGE FALLLING! WHYYYYY

Nex and Evo have died.

Later Fan1 is being chased by Breeze. She is a Super Battle Droid. She fires but keeps missing. Fan1 makes a turn and winds up on a sniping station near the lava bridge.

Breeze: Now your trapped!

Instead of surrendering Fan1 runs across and jumps safely to the other side of the bridge.

Breeze: -_-

Fan1 then shoots Breeze

Breeze has died

Loading Map Jabba's Palace :

Furno is in the center where Jabba is. He is Jango Fett.

Furno: Now where did he go?

Under the trap door Fan1 is a Jettrooper. He activates his jetpack and flies through the trapdoor

Furno: Wha?! Where did you come from!

Fan1 fires rocket. BOOM

Furno has died

Loading Map Mygeeto:

Rocka is in a Droid tank. He corners Fan1 as a Engineer.

Rocka: Now you're done for!

Before Rocka can fire Fan1 jumps on top of the tank and climbs to the top where Rocka cannot shoot him.

Rocka: Stormer! Stormer! He's done the unthinkable!

Fan1 uses his fusion cutter to slice the tank forcing Rocka to get out. Fan1 steals the tank.

Fan1: What were you saying about having me cornered.

Rocka killed himself

Loading Map DeathStar II :

The surviving bad guys are in the center

Stormer: Well looks like its just us.

Surge accidentally falls into the abyss

Stormer: Minus Surge.

Stringer sees some red circles on the ground.

Stringer: Hey! What are these things?

Takadax comes up.

Takadax: Not sure. Maybe their pancakes!

Stringer: I love pancakes Yee haw!

They jump on the pancakes. They blow up.

Takadax and Stringer have died

Stormer: Spread out! He can't possibly be taking us out one by one!

Everyone spreads out.

Bulk sees something run by.

Bulk: Ummmmm Durrr whats that?

He inspeacts the area and he finds Fan1 with a shotgun.


Bulk has died

Fan1: Easiest kill ever

Stormer: Hold it!

Stormer is near him as a Mangaguard.

Stormer: Your finished.

Fan1: Your right. I am finished.

Stormer: Yes!

Fan1: I have 1 final request

Stormer: Which is

Fan1: Catch!

Fan1 throws a detpack and detonates it instanly killing Stormer


Loading Final map Coruscant :

Shadock becomes Darth Maul and hides on a area with high ground.

Fan1 as a Heavytrooper comes strolling down the area.

Shadock; Biofan! Your done for! I have the high ground and in Star Wars if you have the high ground you always win!

Fan1 aims rocket launcher

Shadock: It was simple to beat you really. You can't hope to beat me as Maul!

Fan1 : Whispers : Just aim....

Shadock: Any last words!


Shoot rocket launcher and kills Shadock.

Shadock has died

Shadock: No! This can't be! I had the high ground! NOOOOOO!