Off Duty For The Next Couple Weeks

Hey guys,

Starting today (4/27) through next Friday (5/8) I will not be able to participate on the BCC Wiki, chat, or Hangouts. This current week is my study week and the one after is finals so I need to make sure my focus is in the right place. I will finish the Courtroom logo for LQ (please let me know what edits you'd like) but after that I need to hit the books hard.

Don't freak out though - I'll be back starting 5/9 because I'll be on SUMMER VACATION! OH YEAH! And then I'll have more time for podcasts, MOCs, stopmotions and ... "What? Oh yeah" ... Oh yeah I also have a job this sumer ... "What? What do you mean, study over summer? Fine" ... And I may do some advance work to get ahead. Point is, this week and next week I won't be here. Afterwards, I will be here! And I'll be here for a long while!

So until finals are over, I'll see you guys later.

~ Chris

I'll Be Back