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• 2/18/2015

Listen, i need to be honest

This account is not blocked. Also, unless i am ever unblocked or whatnot or whatever crazy mayhem happens in the chat ( :P ) you can consider this my final post here or 'retirement speech' as you will(though i myself like to think of it as a new opportunity).

Please note i do not blame you at all for blocking me. I'm not really sure why exactly i've been blocked this time but i'm sure it was for a good reason. The BCC, even though you blocked me, i still follow you on Facebook and i Subscribe to you on youtube. Oh and, don't break up because of me, i'm not that special or anything. But please, just STAY BEING THE BCC. When i'm having a bad day, you know what i do? I watch BCC videos. Some of them are the most hysterical things i've ever seen.

Now onto individual goodbyes

Goodbye everybody :P

Oh and here is my absolute final speech part: The BCC is the most funny thing ever. Like Chrismajor's A house divided speech thing(whatever :P) says(as well as some replies) or from what i've interpreted, you guys have good unity. Please, stay united. You guys are HYSTERICAL, from what i've seen, you all help each other grow(in a sense). You guys are like, a Tool Shed :P :P :P

Each of you have different strengths, but some of you have different weaknesses. But you help each other. Please, do not, under any circumstances, split up because of me. The BCC must stay united. My friends, i've shown some videos irl to them, they cracked up laughing. What i'm saying is really, you all are doing a good job i suppose. I'll never forget you guys...goodbye

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• 2/18/2015

Thanks bro - that was really heartfelt and we appreciate it. :)

• 2/18/2015

Darnit, but i have to reply(darn you brain :P)

But thank you. I will be replying to this thing untill i cannot. then, truely, this is goodbye.

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